About Us

Wires & Fabriks (S.A) Ltd, headquartered in Jaipur, is the leading manufacturer and supplier of paper machine clothing in India.

A Forming Fabric is a high precision woven mesh with a unique weave structure made out of Polyester Monofilament yarns having special properties. In the forming section (also called the "wet-end") of a paper machine, pulp (which is 95% + water and balance cellulose fiber) is released over a moving fabric and while the water is drained through this fabric through gravitational and vacuum forces, the fibers are left behind to form a wet sheet of paper. The mechanical dewatering which commences in the forming section plays an important role in the final paper quality as any non-uniformities arising in this section cannot be corrected later in the paper machine. This wet sheet is then transferred on to a Felt and then on to a Dryer section for making this "wet" sheet of paper into a "dry" sheet of usable paper.

We manufacture a full range of Forming Fabrics (for the "wet-end") and Woven Dryer Screens & Spiral Link Dryer Screens (for the dryer section) for sophisticated and high speed paper machines. Over 30% of our production is exported to over 25 countries around the world. We also manufacture woven fabrics for the Pulp section (where pulp is made) and the effluent Treatment Plants (ETP where effluents are treated and fiber is recovered).

Since 1995, Wires & Fabriks is also an important supplier of Speciality and Performance chemicals for papermaking. Paper making chemicals are a source of value addition for paper makers and have a significant impact on the quality and cost of various paper and board grades.

Our manufacturing plant in Jaipur is equipped with the most modern machines and equipments from Warping & Weaving to Finishing & Seaming. A highly qualified and experienced team of professionals work with customers to provide solutions for individual machines and paper making needs.

All this, now coupled with a technical collaboration with Albany International Inc.USA, for the most modern SSB Forming Fabrics, enables us to provide World Class value added products and services for the increasingly cost & quality conscious modern paper mills.