Technical Services

The Wires & Fabriks Technical Service team are the cornerstone of our value proposition. They complement our unique sound technology base, and through their expertise, are able to gather valuable on-site information to funnel into the vast technical resources and competencies that are at the plant lecel. Each region has a set of individuals with varying specialties that are committed to working with the mill production personnel to optimize machine operations. Regular feedback of product performance, customer needs and dialogues with the customer’s customer are appraised intensely in different forums for formulating action plans for acquiring new technologies/equipments/materials and process changes.

Forming Section Service

Dryer Section Service

  • Fabric Analysis & Inspection
  • Drainage Profiling (CadScan)
  • Training (PM, clothing, etc)
  • Fabric guide check
  • Fabric Tension
  • Fabric Wear Rate
  • Fabric sizing
  • Fabric Caliper/profile
  • Foil Angle Measurement
  • Vacuum analysis
  • Table survey / recommendations
  • Table activity -stroboscope & video
  • Dryer fabric/seam inspection
  • Dryer fabric guide check
  • Dryer surface temperatures
  • Dryer Section Thermal Profiling
  • Training (PM, clothing, etc)
  • Dryer Fabric sizing
  • Dryer fabric wear
  • Dryer fabric abrasion studies
  • Dryer run inspection (rolls, etc)
  • Strobe / video analysis
  • Dryer fabric air permeability tests
  • Troubleshooting

Specialized services introduced to the industry by Wires & Fabriks

  • iFab - Dynamic computer modeling of forming fabrics
  • Sheet Split Analysis - analysis to determine sheet quality parameters by layers within the sheet
  • Fabric Surface Analysis - engineered forming fabric design program