Research & Development

Our Research and Development wing is recognized by the Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, since 1990. We were first ISO certified in 1994 and are today ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

Wires & Fabriks is continually improving its services and products to meet ever changing customer demands. We strive to remain in the fore front with global technology with continuous investment in state of the art machines/equipments coupled with a strong focus on process stability.

Amongst our recent innovations are:

The patented 4th generation Forming Fabric : STL ‘Shute support Triple layer’ (SSB range of fabrics). This technology combines through a unique weave structure, the advantages of a fine top surface with plain weave (High FSI and non marking surface) , excellent dewatering because of straight through drainage and better life potential due to lower drag load, higher abrasion potential and clean running.

The unique Unotier Dryer Fabrics. This is a distinctive design that has the same (equal) high contact area on the top and bottom surface and a completely marking free seam – good for high speed machines and Unotier positions with low Air Permeability needs.