Quality & Service

Quality is the basis for all our actions. Quality improvement is the job of every member.

While getting the job done is important, our stress is on getting the job done ‘right’ and add checks and balances to avoid repetition of mistakes. Developing processes that save time and provide delight for our customers is an incessant endeavor. Towards this goal, we hold each employee’s engagement as an important and essential element of their job.

We have a well equipped modern Test Laboratory for in process as well as developmental tests. From the raw material stage to the finished fabric stage, each process is well defined and reviewed. Parameters are constantly reviewed for improvement and conscious change. Detailed Lab reports are used to work closely with our customers as partners to optimize paper machine clothings usage and address concern areas, which also helps us to develop & deliver new products and provide new solutions.

To add value in our services, our engineers examine both used fabrics & new designs and inspect customer paper samples for markings, two sidedness and other properties, using special testing instruments - some developed inhouse. Results are used for comparison with past analysis to arrive at benchmarking trends. Surveys are carried out on Customer machines with specific objectives.

The Company is forever driven by a single goal of consistently delighting our customers through the supply of value added products and services.

‘Snippets’ is a one page tabloid published monthly since 1995 for sharing news and information on paper making with our customers. This is just another form of partnering and engaging with the customer to provide them ‘value-added-services’.