Britt Jar

It is also called as a Dynamic Drainage Jar.

It is an useful equipment to check the efficacy of coagulants and flocculants to be used in a RDA programme.
It simulates the drainage pattern of a running paper machine.
It can used to select the correct polymer from the range of products by measuring the drainage and turbidity of the filtrate.


Charge Analyser

A Charge analyzer is a very vital monitoring equipment to run the paper machine efficiently . It measures the impact of the various wet-end chemical additives on the charge prevailing in the system.

With the increasing use of recycled fibre as a furnish it has become very important to control the anionic trash for smooth machine runnability. This is done by assessing the cationic demand by using a Charge Analyser.




Minolta Spectrophotometer measures the brightness of the paper sample . It also measures the shade of the paper by giving LAB values.
It is useful for assessing and comparing performance of different Optical Brighteners.
Foam Test Analyser

It helps to screen the most effective defoamer as per the mill conditions.


Measures the permeability of felts thereby determining the efficacy of a felt cleaning program running in the system.

Entrained Gas Tester

Measures the amount of entrained air in the system which otherwise may affect the drainage and quality of paper.

Fluff/Lint Testing Equipment

Measures the amount of fluff/ lint accumulated over a particular period of time. A tool to determine the reduction in fluff generation after applying fluff control chemicals.