Technical Services
The Wires & Fabriks Technical Service team is the cornerstone of our value proposition.
They complement our unique technology, and through their expertise, we are able to garner valuable on-site technical details.
Each region has a team of individuals with different  specializations, who are committed to working with the mill production personnel to arrive at optimal process solutions.
Periodic visits from Principals help to address technical issues and share their knowledge regarding the global best practices.
Our list of equipments:
  • Particle Charge Analyzer for measuring total and colloidal charge in the system for anionic trash control and better machine runnability.
  • Britt Jar drainage analyzer for selecting the right Retention Aid Chemical Program and to optimize the dosage.
  • Foam Re-circulating test kit for selection of right defoamer.
  • Entrained Gas Tester to determine the entrained air in the stock.
  • Fluff/Lint tester to determine the efficacy /optimization of the lint / fluff control chemical.
  • Minolta Spectra-photometer to determine the LAB value of the paper.
  • Hach Turbidity meter for monitoring the Retention Aid Program.
  • Digital Ph-meter, Conductivity meter for plant trials.