Wires & Fabriks (SA) Ltd was established in 1963 at Jaipur, India in the field of manufacturing paper machine clothing.
The first products were metallic Fourdrinier wire clothing also known as 'Bronze Wires'.
The company became a public limited company in 1985.
Since 1997 the company has entered the field of specialty paper making chemicals in partnership with leading International Manufacturers like Ashland, Kolb, Synthomer, Tate & Lyle, Jiuh-Yi Chemicals, S&B Ind. Minerals, SanNopco etc for value added paper making chemicals.
Along with the products, intensive technical service is provided to optimize paper properties and improve paper machine operations.
Our Principals are world leaders in their respective product lines which enables us to provide their value added products and services to our increasingly quality conscious paper mill customers.