Green Energy
With generators running as power backup for a majority of manufacturing industries, it is evident that more carbon dioxide is getting pumped into the atmosphere.
We can't stop using fossil fuel but we can slow down and dilute the effects of global warming through greater use of renewable energy resources.
At Wires & Fabriks, there is great impetus to increase the use of renewable energy for which we have taken an initiative to use the energy generated by our wind-mills.
We contribute by using energy at our manufacturing plants generated by our own windmills of 4.5MW and also sharing the surplus energy with various state governments.
Wind energy is the world's fastest-growing energy source and in the future will power industry, businesses and homes with clean, renewable electricity for many years to come.
Now is the time we can make our mark to reverse the destructive habits of our predecessors and leave a legacy of 'caring' in our wake, instead of 'irreversible destruction'.
Our chemical Division handles globally sourced products which are mostly ecologically certified.